Pre Bed Arm Pump

  • So something I've always had trouble with was getting my arms to "pop". The amount of weight, I can curl has gone up, but I have trouble getting them to actually show. So when I was cruising through YouTube the other day I came across a Rich Piana video (

    ) and he talks about doing a pre bed arm pump. After watching the video, I was not too optimistic. However, I tried it last night and I though my muscles were going to break through my skin. Check the video and see if it works for you (strong language!).

  • I'm definitely doing this! It sounds insane!

  • Yeah it was pretty awesome! I know people have certain views on Rich, but no matter what, the man is huge. Also, like I said, I was skeptical, but I will be doing this every night!

  • REP

    @FJDoug22 Any update on this? I have done this routine to get a pump before going places (no shame). Obviously my vascularity increased because of the blood flow but it sadly did not last long. Have you noticed any difference after doing this for a longer period of time? The whole routine followed by going to be is very odd to me because I would have a hard time falling asleep right away, especially if I increased my heart rate.

  • @NickFindley I honestly could not keep going with this past 1 week. I ended up have to do a lot of travel for work, so I didn't have the luxury of having my weights with me. But, I am going to start doing it, and I will let you know!

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