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    What is your favorite fat burner and why? I personally enjoy #R1Lean5 because it is not a stim fat burner and I have always seen great results while on it!

  • I just started using SuperHD from Cellucor and off the bat, I love it. I have taken it with food in my system and I still notice a nice bump in energy. I have also taken it without anything in my system, and unless you really like having the jitters. at work or in class, I do not recommend it. My favorite aspect so far, is that it works! I've lost about 4lbs since taking it!

  • 50-100mg Forskolin 95
    .02mg/kg Of Yohimbine HCL

    Simple easy and effective + cost effective.

  • I tried Lean 5 and absolutely loved the results but I felt like it drained my energy sometimes because it doesn't have the stimulants in it and I'm used to high doses of caffeine (coffee addict for sure). I'm currently using Lipo-Drex and I adore it. It's been my holy grail for powering through workouts and the effect it has had on my body composition is amazing.

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    what do you think is better, Alphamine or Lean5?

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    I have used Lipo-Drex and Liquid L-Carnitine LS3 for the past week. My experience with both thus far are good. I do not feel jittery considering lip-drex has 200mg of caffeine per serving, it is great to help you wake up in the morning in lieu of coffee. L-Carnitine LS3 tastes amazing. I mix it with my water and the mixed berry taste just like propel. I recommend stacking both, I have lost around 4 pounds in a week.

  • I used the Ripped/Shred combo from EPIQ last spring and LOVED the results! You can stack them with no jittery feeling, and combined with a low-carb diet I got into single-digit body fat percentages for the summer

  • @Gabriella-Capogreco alphamine has a stim, so I personally like it better. But Lean5 is also good, for when cycling off alphamine!

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    @Gabriella-Capogreco For sure the Alphamine , the yohimbine and caffeine make for an effective fat burner. Try stacking with Shift

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    What does everyone think of Sweet Sweat and it's associated Waist Trimmer?

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    okay cool! i loved alphamine so just seeing if it was the same!

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    What results has anyone seen from using Animal Cuts ?

  • To those who take R1 Lean5, how do you like it(&the flavor), and when do you personally take it during the day?

  • My go-to fat burner is SuperHD since it's super easy to take and I've seen great results. Also, I like the extra energy boost and focus you get while on it. I usually take it in the morning with my breakfast and then another serving around mid-afternoon to help suppress my cravings. You can also stack with CLK too, so it's pretty versatile.

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    @Taran-Lawrence-Rodriguez how well have your results been taking the R1 Lean 5 ? I've thought about getting a tub to try it, but have not picked one up yet. And personally for me, I like to switch back and forth between Shred Matrix and SuperHD the shred helps me drops lbs quickly and has a great appetite suppressant. The super hd helps to get rid of stubborn fat. Hope some of this helps you out!

  • Has anyone else experienced wicked nausea with Lipodrex? I don't think my body likes taking it on an empty stomach first thing in the morning. And no, I'm not caffeine sensitive! Would I still see results if I took it AFTER/WITH breakfast?

  • I used super HD before and I loved it. Amazing results, no jitters, and I just felt amazing while taking it. It also is a great appetite suppressant in my opinion.
    I have heard great things about Rule 1 lean 5 many of my customers love it. I haven't tried it out for myself yet tho!

  • @Hunter-Knight yeah I did one cycle last cutting season and it worked great. Shredded some pounds for sure but it took me a day or two to get adjusted to it. My first day I was sitting in class in the AC and sweating but after that it was great!

  • @Hunter-Knight I love it. I've probably only lost a couple of pounds since starting my first cycle of it around 5-6 weeks ago (on my second container), but anecdotally, I feel/look great. I feel like I have more energy/focus, and i honestly think i have a more dry/vascular physique than I did prior to taking it.

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