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    I have seen a couple other powerlifters on here and wanted to create a thread of us to talk. I have competed in one competition with USAPL in the 66kg weight class. Set 6 Indiana State Raw Records. Probably going to move up a class because cutting wasn't fun. What is some others experiences and stories?

  • Ive been competing in the 90kg raw class in USPA. I'm about 2 weeks out from my next meet in Florence, Kentucky. My goal is to break all the junior state records for my weight class. I need to beat 281 bench 462 dead and 380 squat. Last time I maxed was in November with a 265 bench 450 dead and 370 squat. My programming has been good so I'm pretty pumped to see what numbers I put up April 9th.

  • I'm competing in my first USAPL meet in August. Shooting for a 1400 total in the raw 83kg class. Current training maxes are 435 squat, 315 bench, 590 deadlift with my next test week coming up in 4 weeks when I finish PH3.

    Looking forward to competing in my first meet and hopefully qualifying for Collegiate nationals 2017.

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    @thefitmurse I suggest doing a mock meet. One thing that really helped me at the meet is having low openers. I kept thinking "I can do more weight, so why would I do a low opener". Nerves get to you and being in front of everyone and being judged will get you a little bit. Having an easy opener was a relief and the I was able to come out after that much hotter

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    @Nick-Chan I was at 450 deadlift and then after my week off and at competition, I got 463 and could have probably done more. Pre workout was nice

  • i compete in both uspl and rps for about three years. cutting sucks but i feel its necessary at a point. my natural body weight is around 210. but i always wanted to compete at 181 and i would make it. but the cut would take alot alot of my strength. just be smart. good programs are layne nortins ph3 and canditos program. before breaking my leg i was squatting 500. 350 bench. and 605 dead. be smart when u compete and max it can push you back. try to lay off preworkout save it for meets or when u max. getting a higher max will push u further on other workouts when u add percentages. lets face it who likes an easy workout.

  • @astrahle Oh yeah I've done mock meets. My openers will be about 93-95% of my training max. Bombing out is something I will definitely try my best not to do.

  • Competing in my first meet, USPA, this Sunday in 220 lb class. planning on a 1300+ day.

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  • I am actually getting ready to compete in June. Been trying to cut to the 190 class again. All my maxes have stayed the same. Deadlift: 530 Squat: 465 bench:355. But I kinda pulled my Pectoral going for 365 so my bench max will be bad for the meet.

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