Favorite Chest Building Exercises

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    What's everyone go to exercise(s) to build up your chest?

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    3 second bench press pause.

  • Incline and declines to hit them at all angles. Start with Smith bench press and end with a bunch of dumbells variations. Dips to end it all too

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    Svend Press !!

  • Flat dumbbell press 5-6 reps then immediately into a drop set to 12-15 sets. The burn is unreal.

  • @kmclark1 Reps*

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    I've been doing incline flies as heavy as I can while still using good form for about 12-15 reps, then right after do presses with the same weight until failure. I like doing this after benching when my chest is tired, because the weight is relatively light, but I suppose you could start with it to pre-exhaust the chest.

  • Bench Press. Easy to progressive overload and most gyms don't have over 100lb dumbbells which can hold you back on db bench exercises. I prefer benching 3 days per week with a heavy, moderate, and lighter day.

  • Noah Siegel has a fantastic twice-a-week chest plan on B****m
    http://www.b**************m/search/#/?q=noah siegel pec

    Followed it for about 4 weeks and saw size/definition increases fairly steadily!

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  • Any isolation movement like a fly superseted with a compound like a press

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    I love preceding my flat barbell bench press with 3x15 cable flies at chest elevation for that warmup pump, then jumping into working sets of flat bench. Following that, I go right into incline bench press 4x5 with a 3 second pause on the chest. Here is the rest as follows, I got my bench max to around 340 from this:

    Incline Dumbbell Fly~3x8-12
    Cable raises full contraction at the top~4x6
    Dumbbell Floor Press, HEAVY HEAVY HEAVY~3x5

    That's just a few of my personal favs

  • I love wide grip incline bench press, and then slight incline (15°) isolated dumbbell press. 3 sets of 6-8 then a drop set to 12-14 reps, love the burn and pump.

  • This requires a workout partner or someone who can help you, but give it a try: on the barbell bench, put a weight on the bar that you can do about 12 reps with maybe two or three more reps in you after completing the 12. Once you find your weight have the person spotting you put resistance on the bar every 3rd rep. So on reps 3,6,9, and 12 the spotter will put a decent amount of resistance on the bar and for the other reps its you doing normal bench. I hope this makes sense ha.

  • Love the cable flys personally!

  • Well it depends if you want tone or strength. When I want my max to go up I hit Chest with biceps. Then back with triceps. But best thing for mass and strength that works is hit bench from every angle. And also Flies from every angle.

  • My gym buddies and I like to finish off chest day with cable flyes, but it's a very high intensity finisher. We start with a solid weight on each side, cables at the highest setting and do ten reps. We then bring the cables down ones notch and do ten more, all the way down the range of the cables. The way our cable machine is set up we end up doing two hundred reps, and you hit your chest from all angles because you start with downward flyes and end with upward flyes. We usually have to drop the weight down at least one setting, so we sometimes go bottom to top to avoid imbalances.

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