Bulking Snacks and meals

  • Hi everyone. Spring break is over for me and it's back to the bulk! Whats your favorite snack or meal when you're trying to gain weight?

  • Lenny and Larrys cookies!

  • REP

    Been really killing a homemade spaghetti and meat sauce:

    2lbs ground beef
    Can & 1/2 of spaghetti sauce (I use LaRosa's)
    1/3 cup chopped yellow onion
    1 TBSP parsley
    1/4 TSP Worcestershire Sauce
    1 TSP salt

    Brown the ground beef, add onions and rest of ingredients and sautee it with ground beef, cook spaghetti and then pile it on. One of the best go to meals cause it takes 20 minutes or so to cook and it'll last me a day or two.

  • REP

    an awesome snack is a protein, oats, PB, honey, chia seeds and a little bit of almond milk or water mixed in a bowl.

  • @KFedermann Great choice with the LaRosa's. Best pizza place in the country!

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