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    Hey guys, my name is Willie. I'm a freshman here at Pitt and I started with cp in the fall. If you have any questions about supps/diets/workouts feel free to ask. Also if you see me around campus come say hi!
    Insta: willqb7

  • I live in Erie PA, but visit Pittsburgh Often. I will keep in touch next time i swing down

    Get me into the Pete and we are cool :)

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    @TheSolution haha the trees gym is better/less crowded and will be easier to sneak you in

  • I get into the pete easy. You go in and swipe then open the door that is to the left of the main entrance. works like a charm every time. My buddy Joe String gets me in. his girl is a MT (Muscle Tech) ambassador named Sam.

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    Family is from Pittsburgh (Cranberry Township) and visit occasionally would love to get a lift in with y'all sometime.

  • Im a sophomore at Pitt, started with CP not too long ago! We should get some lifts in sometime

  • If i am ever heading down ill let you guys know during the school year next year!

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    @Collin-Azinger I'm at trees mon-fri at 7 am.

  • I love the Pete over trees (personal preference)
    You fellas need to hit up Delucas on the Strip in my honor. Best breakfast in pittsburgh.

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