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    I know it is good to eat something before a morning workout, so your body has fuel. What are some things y'all eat and have found to work/give good energy?

  • My go to is either a banana, or kind of like a home made breakfast shake. I don't eat a lot in the morning, but the shake is definitely a good way to get easy macros in quick.

  • Coffee
    10g of BCAA's
    Meal 1 after training.

    You don't have to eat unless you have better performance in the gym . Some people thrive off fasted training. Do what works best for you

    if you want to eat, you need to take note on what digests best for you and settles easy to give you adequate energy for an optimal workout.

    Some may want a small P+F Meal or P+C Meal. Some people like to backload their carbs after their workout as the day goes on. Some people again this varies from person to person handle a smaller P+F meal or P+C Meal.

    Rice cakes, fruits, whey, eggs, nut butters, oil's, cereal's, rice these are all easy sources that should digest very easy. i would suggest keeping away from dairy because it may settle heavy for most.

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    I typically eat 6 eggs and a 1/2 cup of oatmeal. Then preworkout, Creatine and Animal Flex

  • I'm not picky with my preworkout nutrition. Cereal in protein milk is a favorite, cream cheese toast with pb and banana, eggs and cream cheese toast are typical too.

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    For morning workouts I only have one packet of oatmeal prior to training. I drink my ISO-Amino BCAA's Intra-workout and then have a bigger meal with a Performance Whey shake mixed with Bio-Gro post-workout.

    ISO-Amino by MAN

    See other Aminos

  • I've talked to a lot of people who like having oatmeal in the morning, just to have something in their system. Then when they get done with the workout, they really indulge in a nice, big breakfast.

  • I personally am not a fan of oatmeal. Reason being it does not settle well for me at all. I have cut it out of my diet totally. I rather eat Potatoes (potassium) which will help with pumps and performance in the gym.

    Oatmeal has a good chunk of fiber which will settle heavy for some people. Many people find trail mix, cereal, rice, and other sources of carbs to settle easier because of easier digestion. Remember its about what works best for you. Just because everyone and their mother eats oatmeal does not mean you need to. Cream of rice/wheat are good altneratives, or ezekiel bread

  • I'm with @TheSolution on this one. I go to the gym fasted every morning. Took a little getting used to but I've fallen in love with it.

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    rice cakes over everything

  • Yogurt is my go to in the morning because it's quick and easy plus it isn't too heavy pre-training.

  • I usually stick with either a banana or a slice of Ezekiel bread with BCAAs. I also train fasted 1-2 times per week and do not notice a huge difference, just depends on personal preference.

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