Pet Peeve at your Local Gym

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    So I was to curious to see what everybody's thought on this is. What is your most biggest pet peeve in the gym. Mine is when people don't rerack the weight properly or leave it on the ground when it can easily trip you.

  • When people ask for advice on form/ specific exercises and then immediately disregard everything you told them

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    Unnecessary yelling and putting up big weight with little range of motion

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    When your about to hit a big lift and someone walks in front of you, or fi they walk on my platform when I am set and about to lift and I have to back out and readdress the bar....

  • I hate when the skinny kids literally get up after every set and start flexing in the mirror. I also work at my gym, occasionally I'll go up behind them and mimic their poses (they either laugh or get embarrassed and stop). It's one thing of you've made noticeable gains..

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    @Clay-Ploessl HAHAHAHAH!! thats awesome! lol I couldn't agree more :D

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    @Clay-Ploessl There is this guy at my gym, we call him "ab guy" because he will check his abs after everything. Do a set of bench, "wipe sweat off his forehead" and check his abs. Sometimes its not so settle and he just lifts his shirt..... doesn't matter what the exercise is, he will look at his abs.

  • When someone acts like you just kicked their dog if you ask to work in between sets on the machine they are using.

  • People that walk around like they own the gym. All they do is make for an awkward environment at the gym.

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    @CampusProteinJake I couldn't agree more with you on this one! I hate it so bad, I know a couple others that go to my gym and do the same thing. Sometimes i just wanna slap them silly! hahaha! Its so dumb. All their doing is just embarrassing themselves.

  • I understand when someone is putting up some heavy weight, a grunt is normal, but if it echoes through the whole gym, thats when I get annoyed.

  • I work at the gym I workout at and one of my tasks is to keep the weights organized and clean. Now I'm not unreasonable when it comes to people using machines that I just cleaned or organized! But when the people in the gym see me cleaning and organizing the weights with my staff shirt on, they still don't rack them or clean up after gets me heated!

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    just cause im a girl, guys think i cant lift, so its annoying when they make snide comments to me like "lol youre gonna lift that?" like yes bye

    or when someone takes my machine
    stands in front of me in the mirror
    too crowded

  • No one at my gym takes the weights off the bar when they are done. It's so annoying to "guess" if someone is still using a rack or something.

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