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    Whats your go to healthy snack during a cut?

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    @Taran-Lawrence-Rodriguez I would have to say a banana because it's low in Fats carbs and good amount of protein. Where it won't send ya over board like most other foods lol

  • Beef jerky, protein bars, and sugar peas are my favs!

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    Not bananas. You want a low to no carb snack that is high in fats and proteins. Eating carbs will make your body run off of those carbs rather than running off of fat. So instead of cutting, you'll just be running off what you just ate. When I was cutting, I ate a lot of peanuts and string cheese. Also drink over a gallon of water, that will keep your stomach full.

  • @astrahle Just because your body is running off of fats, doesn't mean you're losing more body fat. If you are running off of stored fats, that just means the energy you consume afterwards will replace the stored fat. This leads to the same amount of body fat loss either way, so long as long as you are in the same amount of calorie deficit.

  • I don't have a go to, but some of my favorites include pb&j or pb&banana sandwiches, Cream cheese toast, steamed broccoli with low fat/fat free cheese, greek yogurt parfait w/ fruit and cereal.

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    @thefitmurse If you limit carbs to only pre/post workout, it makes a difference. In the morning, your body has a high insulin spike. Not eating carbs keeps your RER closer to 0.7 for a longer portion of the day, which is burning pure fat. Since your muscles don't need the fuel in the morning, your body's insulin will start burning these calories and then store the rest into fat cells. If you do not eat carbs, the insulin will have very little to send anywhere. After you workout, you create another insulin spike. When eating carbs then, the body send it into the muscles because your muscles are torn/injured and need repaired. The body is not inept at filling fat storages as well in the evening. Yes, overall calorie in and calorie out is important, however, cutting is a different situation and timing can help immensely. I lost 15 pounds in a month following this plan.

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    Does anyone have experience with Power Crunch protein bars?

  • Carbs are fine anytime of the day. While it may be most optimal around your workout, not everyone is dieting or on a very low carb diet. You will need to spread carbs out depending on goal and how well you tolerate them. Saying you need to eat them at X or Y time is personal preference. some may train early and need to eat them early, some may train later and have them in the AM or later at night. Again too much of a black and white anwser that varies per person. The human body is more complex then saying I have to eat carbs here or there. its a furnace that runs 24 hours a day. Just like how people blew out the carbs after 6PM broscience back in the day.

    best snacks
    Oh Yeah! ONE Bar Quest Bars are my two top protein bars from Campus Protein
    Select Protein COR-Performance Whey made into sludge with yogurt
    almonds, nuts, beef jerkey
    fruit (avoiding micronutrients/vitamins/minerals they contain is crazy)
    string cheese, cottage cheese packs, tuna cans, chicken cans, tuna packs, hard boiled eggs, granola, trail mix, rice cakes, PB & J sandwiches, bagels

    all of these are portable and very easy to utilize.

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