Fav HIIT Workouts

  • What are some of your favorite HIIT workouts?

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    I know I don't do enough of these, would like to hear about y'all.

  • @Alex-Deeter I love to do rounds of 30 sec. high-intensity burst and then 45-60 sec. low-intensity "cool down". I usually use the stationary bike, treadmill (adjust incline to 8.0-9.0 during cool down and usually burst at 6.0 incline), box jumps, mountain climbers, and battle ropes (personal favorite)!

  • Stair sprints! They're the devil 😈
    5 min warm up : level 8
    1 min : level 10
    1 min : level 18
    Repeat X 10 for a total of 20 mins
    5 min cool down : level 8

  • I usually do sprints.
    30 on/60 off , no more than like 10 cycles cause they are KILLER.

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    @ckongfit can you give me a good battle rope hiit routine. Currently doing 1 minute on and 1 minute rest and am most likely doing it wrong.

  • Either sprints, hill sprints, or loading 50% 1rm on a barbell and perform a squat amrap.

  • I love doing the elliptical for 20 minutes, 1 slow 1 fast. Also, the stair climber, 30 second slow, 30 seconds fast.

  • I can't say enough good things about TABATA!!!
    Melts fat like no other and provides the opportunity for progressive overload to keep jacking up the fat-burning effects.

    Sample workout would be:
    Box step-ups: 20 seconds
    Rest 10 seconds
    Kettle bell cleans: 20 seconds
    Rest 10 seconds

    Repeat for 4 minutes (this is your starting point)
    You need to be committed to going ALL OUT during the 20-second working periods!
    I usually do this at the end of a lifting workout.
    You can use just about any 2 exercises you want: box jumps, barbell or dumbbell exercises, etc. I have found that it works best with exercises that use as many muscles of the body as possible!

    As you progress you can either make it longer and/or increase resistance

  • When I do HIIT its typically:
    warm up walk 1-2 minutes
    1 min jog (at a comfortable pace)
    30 sec sprint (as fast as possible)
    cool down 1-2 minutes
    repeat for 20 minutes (or until you want to die)

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    I enjoy sprinting when possible. If I'm not outdoors or in a gym, burpees are my go-to. One minute doing as many burpees as I can as fast as I can, two minutes resting, rinse repeat for 10 sets. Or I might do 30 seconds of burpees then 30 seconds of jumping jacks, etc. When I lived in Asheville I lived on the 4th floor of an apartment complex with no elevator, so sprinting up the stairs was also a fun way to burn some fat.

  • @Bree-Nicoletti I do the same but with a little variation, 1 min level 10, 1 min level 18, 1 min level 10 skip a step, repeat! Always dripping after.

  • My coach introduced me to this a couple weeks ago and I wanted to die. Start by setting the treadmill at an incline from 7.5 to 10 and walk for 2-3 minutes. The HIIT intervals are essentially done by pushing the treadmill track while it is turned off. You do ten total rounds at 30-60 seconds per burst. Not only will this push your cardiovascular endurance but your legs and glutes will be on fire by the 3rd or 4th round. This is easily one of the hardest HIIT workouts I have ever done.

  • I have found this workout works for me very well. you will be doing four different exercises at High intensity with jump squats, high knees, burpees, and jumping jacks. start by doing 60 seconds of each exercise, having a 30 second break and then lowering your time. it should look like 60x4,50x4,40x4,30x4,20x4,10x4. I'm glad I can help. Hit me up on Instagram or twitter with kraminator1

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