Primeval Labs EAA Max Pineapple Mango

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    Pineapple Mango - I have had a few mango flavored products on the market and Scivation Xtend/Xtend Perform have always been my favorite. Pineapple Mango is a very bold mango flavor out of the get go when it hits your taste buds. The density of the flavor is then rushed with a pineapple aftertaste that is pure. The mango flavor pairs very well with the purity of the pineapple to make this a very refreshing flavor. I thought there would be a dominating flavor between the two , but all in all it was very well complimented and you could get a strong sense of each flavor.



    EAA Max is a very fine powder that has no Mixibility issues. I usually mix my BCAA or EAA with around 20oz per serving(Scoop). Upon touching the water the powder started to dissolve and after a few shakes it left no clumps. There was a touch of foam upon mixing but it went away instantly. You can even mix this with a spoon and there was no issues.



    Per Serving:
    5g of BCAA's
    2.5g Leucine
    1.25g Valine
    1.25g Isoleucine

    L-Lysine (300mg) → Aids muscle protein synthesis, calcium absorption, and recovery
    L-Threonine (225mg) → Stimulate MPS
    L-Phenylalanine (200mg) → Improve Mood & Energy
    L-Tryptophan (50mg) → Boosts Mood
    L-Histidine (25mg) → Improve Endurance/Recovery
    L-Methionine (20mg) → aid performance / antioxidant

    Cluster Dextrins → Very fast digesting carb powder
    D Ribose → forms ATP (Cellular energy)


    [b][color=blue]Cost & Overall[/b][/color]

    $30 for 30 servings. Considering you are getting a complex BCAA Product with added EAA’s and extras that is a very fair price. Not only is this a great BCAA/EAA complex you get fantastic flavoring that really helps the product shine. EAA’s have been shown to be superior to just BCAA’s intra-workout so this is a great intra-workout cocktail. This is also made to be stacked with additional carbs if you have to leeway in your calories to improve your performance & endurance. To me this is well worth the money to pick up a tub and give it a go.



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