Primeval Labs EAA Max Orange Sherbet

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    Orange Sherbet – Orange Sherbet in EAA Max tastes identical to eating orange sherbet from the grocery store. The flavoring of this product took me by surprise. Usually most orange flavored products are artificial, too bold, or too weak. The richness of the orange flavor has that luscious aftertaste to replicate a frozen dessert. Job very well done by the Primeval Labs team.



    EAA Max is a very fine powder that has no Mixibility issues. I usually mix my BCAA or EAA with around 20oz per serving(Scoop). Upon touching the water the powder started to dissolve and after a few shakes it left no clumps. There was a touch of foam upon mixing but it went away instantly. You can even mix this with a spoon and there was no issues.



    Per Serving:
    5g of BCAA's
    2.5g Leucine
    1.25g Valine
    1.25g Isoleucine

    L-Lysine (300mg) → Aids muscle protein synthesis, calcium absorption, and recovery
    L-Threonine (225mg) → Stimulate MPS
    L-Phenylalanine (200mg) → Improve Mood & Energy
    L-Tryptophan (50mg) → Boosts Mood
    L-Histidine (25mg) → Improve Endurance/Recovery
    L-Methionine (20mg) → aid performance / antioxidant

    Cluster Dextrins → Very fast digesting carb powder
    D Ribose → forms ATP (Cellular energy)


    [b][color=blue]Cost & Overall[/b][/color]

    $30 for 30 servings. Considering you are getting a complex BCAA Product with added EAA’s and extras that is a very fair price. Not only is this a great BCAA/EAA complex you get fantastic flavoring that really helps the product shine. EAA’s have been shown to be superior to just BCAA’s intra-workout so this is a great intra-workout cocktail. This is also made to be stacked with additional carbs if you have to leeway in your calories to improve your performance & endurance. To me this is well worth the money to pick up a tub and give it a go.



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