PES Protein 4 Oats Peanut Butter & Honey

  • PB & Honey Review

    Warm Oats - 2 Servings PB Honey Protein 4 Oats and 1/2 Cup Oatmeal.

    Warm oats brings out the PB Flavoring much more then overnight oats. The problem is the honey is diluted in the warm oats m**ture. The flavoring tastes very similar to PB Cookie with a subtle honey aftertaste (barley can pick it up). This is the better option while I found with Maple Oatmeal the overnight oats brought out more flavor. This is good, but for the price point of select and getting more protein per serving in regular select I would stick with PB cookie to mix in my oatmeal.

    Overnight Oats (1/2 Cup Oats, 6 oz Greek Yogurt and 2 Servings PB Honey Protein 4 Oats) -
    The Peanut butter flavor is dulled, and the honey is like a sweet aftertaste. This needs to have a larger kick of Peanut butter to really stay true to its name. The flavoring of the PB is similar to a PB2 or PB lean replica. While its not pure peanut butter tasting it is more sweet peanut butter (think the filling of a buckeye). One thing I did not like is there is no saltiness to it (which would enhance the honey and peanut butter aspect) like if you get peanut butter right from a smuckers jar. The salt helps enhance the flavor which I did not pick up when mixing these two together.


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