PES Protein 4 Oats Maple Brown Sugar Review

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    [b][color=blue] Taste [/b][/color]

    Maple Brown Sugar - Just like the Quaker instant oatmeal packets you can buy in the store, the Protein4Oats flavor is almost an exact replica. The taste hits you straight away with a dense maple flavor, and shortly after the luscious brown sugar takes over on your taste buds. If you grew up eating those instant packets and loved them, this flavor is definitely for you. The added sweetness of the brown sugar is stronger in the Protein 4 Oats compared to the single serve packets from the grocery store. Another bonus is that this has no artificial flavoring to it at all (as some instant oatmeal packets do with the maple flavoring).


    [b][color=blue] Mixability [/b][/color]

    For those who have had PES Select they know it mixes with ease. Even as a blend the protein powder has no problems or leaves no clumps. I prefer the thicker protein shakes or protein pudding. PES Protein 4 Oats is the same formula as PES Select without the thickening agent so this mixes on the thin side.. Since it is a protein powder you can still use it mixed into yogurt and protein shakes, but will not be as thick as regular select.

    When Mixed into oatmeal there is 0 problems. After the oatmeal cools out of the microwave (or stovetop) then mix in your protein powder. Give it a few swirls and it should be dissolved with ease and no clumps.

    [b][color=blue] Formula [/b][/color]




    Per Packet:
    1.5g Fat
    3g Carb
    15g Protein

    Per serving of the protein 4 oatmeal it is a genuine idea for so many people who make oatmeal with protein powder mixed in. It gives you the regular select blend (MPI, Whey, and Casein) . The only change from select is the taking away of the thickening gent (Guar Gum). This comes in bags instead of tubs, so basically it is just different flavors of regular select, but made to be a thinner protein powder.

    [b][color=blue] Cost [/b][/color]

    You can always get 30% off on the insider with code “DRIVEN”. This will help you save some money. You can get 36 packets and mix and match the 3 flavors (to get 12 servings of each). In essence each serving is under $1 a pop at 36 servings for $30. The only downside is its 15g of protein compared to the 20+ in regular select. So it has a bit more carbs per serving and you do not get as much protein. While this is marketed towards flavored oatmeal yes it is a good idea, but I would rather see the new flavors in regular 2lb tubs. Many PES consumers use the regular flavors to mix into oatmeal already, and do so with ease!


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