Root Beer Blaze Bang Review

  • [b] Root Beer Blaze Bang Review [/b]

    If you know Bang energy they are known for very strong flavoring, this is yet another contribution to their line that holds up to that name. If you are a big fan of root beer this one will be a hit for you. If you are the person that has a slight interest, or not interested much in root beer at all this one will be a total miss. While this doesn't taste like a diet root beer per say, it still has the very strong in flavor to its name and the carbonation to back it. For those who are root beer fans you would easily give it a 9/10 , if you have a slight interest in root beer you may put it around 6-7/10. Personally I do not think this will be a top tier flavor for the majority of the consumers out there. I still would say people are safer off with Cotton Candy, Sour Blast, Purple Guava Pear, and the less dense flavors that may be too strong for the consumer.

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