Gaspari Precision Cinnamon Cereal Crunch Protein Review

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    Cinnamon Cereal Crunch – First impression was mixing a protein shake.
    Shake: Before you even consume a shake the aroma of the tub will fill your kitchen of a childhood favorite cereal. Upon first sip you are bombarded with a refreshing cinnamon flavor that has a graham after taste. In Ghost Cereal Milk you get a sugary and luscious aftertaste of cereal milk, I did get it here, but not as strong as I would of liked. The graham after taste reminds me almost of cinnamon graham crackers you buy in the stores. If I were to break this down it is about 50% cinnamon, 25% graham, and 25% cereal milk. Gaspari found an interesting way to implement all of these flavors into a protein powder.
    Cinnamon Toast crunch is hands down one of my favorite cereal’s ever created,. Gaspari did a good job; while it is not 100% cinnamon toast crunch you get a lot of vibes that correlate to that flavor. A stronger cinnamon sugar flavor would have been a dead 10/10.

    Comparing other cinnamon protein’s out there:
    AI Sports & Controlled Labs → Cinnamon Roll
    Cellucor cinnamon swirl → Cinnamon Toast Crunch
    Gaspari → CTC + graham + Cereal Milk
    PES & MTS → Cinnamon Sugar SnickerDoodle based



    10oz Cashew Milk + 2 Scoops mixed with ease. This is not a thick protein powder so it did mix very easy. I threw this in my ninja blender for 15 seconds and there were no clumps. It did foam for a minute, but it quickly went away after letting it sit before I drank the shake. I would suggest 4-6oz per scoop to get the best of both worlds if you desire a thicker protein shake and stronger flavor.

    [B][color=blue]Formula [/B][/color]


    2g Fat
    2g Carbs
    25g Protein

    This is mostly a WPH (Whey Protein Hydrosolate) powder, therefore it will be on the thin side, but you get what you pay for. This may cost a bit more due to the makeup of the product, but it is a very caloric friendly option. A good formula that is straight to the point and nothing you will find spiked as it lists the entire amino profile on the tub.

    $34.99 for a 2lb Tub. While this may be a touch pricey compared to some companies who shell out 10$/lb this is mostly a hydro whey. Therefore cost per serving will be more expensive. This is a protein you can consider a treat compared to your bulk blends or regular whey products found for cheaper. You could half scoop this flavor with another basic vanilla to prolong the life of the tub. Well worth it for the price due to what you get and the outstanding flavoring.


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