Dymatize Pre-Workout Cotton Candy Review

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    [b][color=blue] Taste [/b][/color]

    Cotton Candy – Dymatize’s Cotton Candy flavoring is on point. The company found a perfect balance to replicate an amusements park fan favorite dessert. Right off the bat the sweetness hits your taste buds, but then you get a rush of a refreshing aftertaste that prolongs the flavoring. Some companies are either too dull with the sweetness or go way too strong. Dymatize found a happy medium and provides a smooth flavoring to sip on prior to working out. I have no complains with this as I expected it to be a bit worse given the makeup of the ingredient profile trying to mask those raw materials.


    [b][color=blue] Mixability [/b][/color]

    The Dymatize pre-workout is very light, and mixes with ease. Upon shaking 5-10 times it is almost fully dissolved. I tried this product with 1 scoop in 12-24oz of water and each time the taste was strong and pure. On the Mixability level I would give this a huge thumbs up as it was flawless.

    [b][color=blue] Formula [/b][/color]


    Per Scoop:
    8g of Citrulline Malate (Full dose for lactic acid prevention and pumps)
    3.2g Beta Alanine (Full Dose for Performance/Endurance)
    1.5g Betaine (Performance/Endurance … 2.5g Is full dose)
    1.5g Nitrosigine (Pumps)
    2g Taurine (Aids in Pumps & Performance)
    300mg Caffeine (Energy)
    200mg Coconut Powder (Performance/Recovery)
    125mg Theacrine (Prolong caffeine half-life)


    • Open Label
    • Flavoring is incredible
    • Full doses of almost every ingredient in the profile
    • True 1 Scooper Pre-Workout
    • Betaine is low on full dose of 2.5g

    [b][color=blue] Workout Reaction [/b][/color]

    I tested the new Dymatize Pre in a fasted and non fasted workout to compare its effectiveness.

    1 Scoop upon waking for a fasted workout. Normally 200-300mg is my sweet spot, so this really hit me hard and right away. The theacrine played a vital aspect in keeping the energy long lasting and streaming. Not once did I feel over stimmed or to the point of jitters from a pre-workout which I have had happen a lot in the past. I am not a guy who takes pre-workouts or stimulants often, but this settled easy, and lasted a very long time even into the post-workout period. The pumps were very strong even for a fasted workout. I respond well to Citrulline, but without food in me its hard to really get a true pump from a pre-workout. Overall a great workout.

    Pre-workout meal was 90 minutes prior to training containing 40g of carbohydrates. I dosed 1 scoop of the Pre about 15 minutes prior to training. I like to eat a pre-workout meal 90 minutes prior to training and giving it lots of time to digest. This also allows the pre-workout to hit harder because it is not taken closer to food, which can diminish the effects. The pump was the #1 thing that was noticed compared to fasted training. It took only 5 sets for my entire body to start tensing up during training. The focus was the next thing that stood out using this product. With the large dose of theacrine it really shines for a long period of time. The stim effect was present, but not as strong as rolling out of bed and taking a pre-workout. Overall it's a very well rounded pre-workout, it tastes great, and gives you everything you need to sustain for a good workout.


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