Dymatize ISO 100 Chocolate Peanut Butter Review

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    [b][size=5][color=green] Dymatize ISO 100 Chocolate Peanut Butter [/b][/size][/color]


    [b][color=blue] Taste [/b][/color]

    Chocolate Peanut Butter – Dymatize ISO 100 Chocolate Peanut Butter provides a stronger ratio of peanut butter to chocolate. The chocolate is the initial and dominant flavor you get upon drinking a protein shake, as the peanut butter is a small subtle aftertaste.The saltiness is not as strong as the regular PB ISO 100, but it will be hard to grasp both flavors to their true potential when in conjunction. Overall I would say the chocolate to peanut butter ratio is about 80/20. I would of liked a stronger amount of peanut butter when paired together.


    [b][color=blue] Mixability [/b][/color]

    Isolate protein powders dissolve almost instantly. I used 4oz of almond milk for a shake and tossed the scoop on top of the liquid. After shaking in a blender bottle for 15 seconds there was no clumps left over. This product mixes with ease, and I have never had problems with Dymatize iso 100 in the past.

    [b][color=blue] Formula [/b][/color]


    Dymatize Iso-100 is a very straightforward protein powder. Per Scoop you get .5g of Fat, 2g of Carbs, and 25g of Protein. The makeup of the ingredient profile is WPH Isolate, WPI, and then flavoring (Cocoa & Peanut Flour). The product is sweetened with Sucralose.

    [b][color=blue] Cost[/b][/color]

    1.5 Pounds ~ $30
    3 Pounds ~ $50
    5 Pounds ~ $70

    Considering the product is a 100% Isolate protein powder that is a feasible cost. WPI does cost more due to how it is processed and contains 0 lactose to make it a good choice for those who are lactose intolerant. All in all this is a very competitively priced protein powder for what you get.


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