C4 Ultimate Review

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    Blue Raspberry - Blue raspberry is one of Cellucor’s most popular flavors for a reason because its solid. Reminds me of eating cotton candy at a local fair. The blue raspberry is not overpowering, but on the sweet side and has a strong aftertaste. It nearly almost turns my tongue blue for how strong the flavoring is. If you love blue raspberry look no further!

    Orange Mango – This was a very interesting flavor. You get the citrus of the mango and the boldness of the orange flavor. It is like a mix between a bold tang. Not a very sweet tang beverage you are use to in the grocery store, but a much stronger and dense orange flavor with a mango aftertaste. This flavor is so unique it makes me want to go back for seconds!

    Strawberry Watermelon – The watermelon to Strawberry ratio is in heavy favor of the watermelon. If you ask me it is about 80% Watermelon and 20% strawberry. The flavor is dead on, and the flavor is strong. There is no artificial aftertaste and the flavor is smooth from first sip to the aftertaste. The aftertaste is a mere refreshing strawberry flavor.


    Cellucor is very good as far as powder and mixabiliy goes, I have never had a problem mixing with different amounts of liquid or in general. The powder is very light and mixed with a few shakes in a shaker cup. When using a spoon and cup it took about 15-20 seconds and it was dissolved.


    [URL=http://s1108.photobucket.com/user/Tyler2106/media/C4%20Ultimate_zpswfwp7391.jpg.html][IMG]http://i1108.photobucket.com/albums/h401/Tyler2106/C4 Ultimate_zpswfwp7391.jpg[/IMG][/URL]

    This formula is no joke. Hands down Cellucor’s best pre-workout made.
    Each Scoop Gives you:

    300mg Caffeine (Stims)
    Vitamin C (to help prevent nitrate tolerance build up)
    6g Citrulline Malate (To help with pumps, and lactic acid build up)
    3.2g Beta Alanine (To help with performance & Endurance)
    1.5g Betaine (To help with performance & Strength)
    1.5g Creatine Nitrate (Pumps, Performance, Strength)
    1.5g Nitrosigine (Pumps)
    Alpha GPC, Theacrine, Zembrin, Huperzine A (All in a blend to aid with focus and nootropics abilities)

    As you can see Cellucor brought their A game on this one. Not only are you getting a ton of stimulants and energy. They also included a wide variety of nootropics to make the focus and long lasting energy present. They also gave adequate doses of Citrulline and beta-alanine to the formula in an open label (besides the blend of nootropics and caffeine). While the beatine is slightly under dosed the creatine nitrates and nitrosigine are at a very high dose for an effective pump product.


    I dosed c4 in two different ways, one in a fasted state, and the other in a fed state to gauge my effects when using the supplement. Being a stimulant I wanted to see the difference compared to upon waking and between a meal as food can diminish the effects of a stimulant.

    The first few times I dosed fasted was simply upon waking and right after rolling out of bed and then hitting the gym. Now for my fed dosing I tried to vary my intake to see what was optimal for myself. I dosed it in a few different fashion’s

    Meal 60 minutes prior to gym C4 20 minutes prior (good energy, but stim was not the strongest)
    Meal 90 minutes prior to gym and C4 20 minutes prior (much stronger stim, and good energy)
    Meal 120 minutes prior to gym and C4 20 minutes prior (Good energy and stronger stim).

    Personally I find the further away from food the harder the stim will hit, and the energy was prolonged. 2 hours with a meal prior to a workout was my sweet spot, so I would suggest trying different doses and see what works best for you.

    [b][color=blue]Workout Reaction[/b][/color]

    [b] Pumps and Vascularity [/b]

    One of the strong points of C4 Ultimate with the added nitrate is the pump and vascularity. Even after a few warm-ups the muscle will start to harden and skin will become tense. A few exercises into a workout I can start to see the vascularity shine, and also the pump amplify. Even on days I would focus on power reps or lower reps I would still maintain and hold a strong pump to the end of my workout. On higher rep or hypertrophy days the pump really shines and takes over for the pump chasers out there.

    [b] Energy/Focus [/b]

    C4 has always been good for me since I am not a huge stim user. A good dose of 150-300mg (1/2 to 1 scoop) is enough to strike a buzz and maintain my energy levels for a 60-90 minute workout. I noted earlier in my dosing that in a fasted state I had my best results, but I also saw similar energy and focus with a pre-workout meal about 2 hours prior. The energy never really faded or provided and kind of spikes in energy levels. It was a strong streaming and long lasting energy that provided a good boost to enhance my workout.

    [b][color=blue]Comparison of C4 vs G4 Ultimate [/b][/color]

    Overall I am very pleased with both C4’s in general, but I found them to be pretty similar as far as a stimulant standpoint. Now where Ultimate shines is the inclusion of Betaine, Citruline at a high dose and nitrosigine. Flavor wise Cellucor does a great job and both flavors for the chrome series and G4 Series it would be nitpicking trying to pick a favorite. The energy, focus, and pump are much different. Ultimate combined with all the nootropics leaves a much longer lasting energy. My workout reaction showed me a much longer and streaming energy source then the regular c4. The pumps are taken to another level with a full dose of Citrulline and nitrosigine. Hands down Cellucor’s best release since M5 Reloaded (which I wish they would bring back)


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