MYCOOKIE White Chocolate Chip Review

  • I recently tired out the new MYCookie by ProSupps. I had the white chocolate chip flavor. The cookie is about the size of my palm and is kinda of dense. When you open the package you get an aroma of chocolate. It looked really good and soft. The texture was nice not hard at all and it looked like a cookie. Now on to the taste. Like I said you get a really chocolate smell when you open the package but it lacks when you bit into it. It was lacking in flavor and kind of bland. It was not overly chewy and was perfect softness but lacked in flavor. I wish it had more flavor it honestly didn't taste like much. I'm kind of disappointed. Overall 6/10

  • @Lauren-Marella That is what I have heard about the cookies. They really are not cookies, they are like a protein bar in a circle shape or cookie dough.

  • @TheSolution Yeah I was so disappointed! I was excepting something better from them :(

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