Buff Bake Cookies! Chocolate Chocolate Chip

  • I have been in the search for a good protein cookie. I like Lenny and Larry's but sometimes I feel like they are too dry and like they forget to mix all the ingredients together. Only, on some of their flavors though. Lemon Poppy seed is bomb.
    I feel like sometimes they are have flour in them that did not get mixed well enough. (can you tell I like to bake lol) I tried the new quest protein cookies and I wasn't highly satisfied there was a bit of an after taste and something was missing. They are still working on the cookies though (Quest Labs)

    I recently tried the Buff Bake Chocolate Chocolate Chip Protein Cookie and I gotta say this one is going on the top of my list. It was really really good. It wasn't too dry at all and it gave a great chocolate flavor and there were some big chunks of chocolate chips which was awesome. It did not taste like a protein bar so that was good. It was a little chewy but I actually kind of liked that. It reminded me of those chewy chips ahoy cookies. I think they are on to something and I look forward to giving the other flavors a try. I'm looking to try the birthday cake one and the pb one.

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