Homemade pre workout?

  • Anyone experiment with making their own pre? I'm giving it a shot to save money and weed out under dosing or putting unnecessary product into my body. Bought caffeine, citruline malate, beta alanine, creatine mono, bcaa, and powder Gatorade for taste. Just wondering if there are any other scientifically proven ingredients I should add?

  • @hammo26

    aim for 6-8g Citrulline malata
    3.2g Beta Alanine
    3-5g Creatine
    7-14g BCAA

    things to add
    2g LCLT (Recovery/Endurance)
    1.5g HICA (Recovery/Endurance)
    2.5g SynerGlut (Performance/Endurance)
    2.5g Betaine (Performance)
    3-5g Hydromax or Glycerol (Pump)
    200-500mg L-Norvaline (Pump)
    1g Capros (Pump/Endurance)
    200mg Theanine (Focus/Mood)
    4g Peak02 (Performance/Endurance)

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