FitJoy Birthday Cake Review

  • It was recently my birthday and one thing I got from someone was the FitJoy birthday cake bar!
    I gave it a try and it did not disappoint. Unlike the other FttJoy bars there was nothing on top of the bar. All the other flavors I had, had some kind of topping on it but not this one. It was coded with white on the outside and it was a thin coding because you could see the confetti sprinkles through it. The middle was soft as usual and it was awesome. It tasted like a bday cake. It was one of the better ones I've had. I'm digging these new bars from this "new" company. All the bars have been on point so far. If you are looking for a good or new protein bar FitJoy is one to look at! Macros and taste all are great!
    Bday cake bar: 8/10

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