Oh Yeah Nutrition ONE Blueberry Cobbler Review

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    Blueberry Cobbler – One Blueberry Cobbler is exactly as you would expect. The bar looks white with a white glazed icing on top of it. The second you bite into it the whole picture changes. You will notice a layer of crust (Cobbler) and the blueberry flavoring. Botha aspects mesh together to pin point what Oh Yeah was striving for. The blueberry flavoring is pure, but has a slight artificial aftertaste. blueberry, which knocks, off some points from me. The pie filling/crust flavoring is 100% on point and provides that rich, dense, and cinnamon graham cracker flavor from a true cobbler. There are a little hint of buttery aftertaste of a baked cobbler which also has a nice element added to the mix. While this a good bar it is not a top 3 flavor.

    1)/2 Birthday Cake
    1/2) Maple Glazed Donut

    1. Cinnamon Roll
    2. Almond Bliss
    3. Blueberry


    [b][color=blue] Texture [/b][/color]

    Oh yeah One bars are a good bar that can be eaten right out of the wrapper. If you do like to microwave bars this only needs a few seconds to melt in your mouth. ONE Bars are an ideal consistency that are not too soft (Mission 1 or Fitjoy like playdough), and not rock hard like some Quest bars can be.

    [b][color=blue] Macros [/b][/color]


    8g Fat
    24g Carbs
    9g Fiber
    20g Protein

    A very good balance of macros for a protein bar clocking in at 220 calories. The only downgrade I gave the OH Yeah One bars is the amount of sugar alcohols included. 10g is excessive and leaves a hurting on my digestive tract.


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