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  • I'm currently starting my 7th week of Jim Wendler's Beyond 5-3-1 powerlifting program...I have loved every minute of it. There is a high intensity/low volume and low intensity/high volume portion of every day, so it feels very balanced. I have already seen increases in my maxes for bench, deadlift, and squat! What are some of your favorite or most effective workout programs that you've tried??

  • My favorite has been the smolov 5/3/1. Its great, I also added a maintenance/hell workout with a devil split at least once a week. The split is 6 exercises, 6 reps, 6 sets done in a super set format. You have 3 minutes to complete the set, the faster you get the set done, the rest of the 3 mins is rest. My split for instance was:

    6 power cleans
    6 shoulder presses
    6 front squats
    6 bent over rows
    6 squat jumps
    6 curls

    i used anywhere from 95-125lbs when going through hell. Never let go of the bar until you finish a complete set. Brutally fun!

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    Honestly for all my workouts I stick by Mike Rashid or CT style workouts. I find that I've maximized everything by doing these workouts!

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    I am now on my third time for this program. In order to get some muscle endurance work, for the first three sets I will do 10-7-5 instead of the 5-5-3. I also don't do the deload week, I just take days off as needed. This program is so simple and allows for quite a bit of flexibility.

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    I've been a member of corygfitness and using those GetStacked plans but one I used a couple months ago was Jim Wendler's 5/3/1 program. Added tons of weight to my big 3 and I've heard a lot of the big time powerlifters/body builders use it.

  • I just restarted Layne Norton's PH3 after finishing the program because I love the schedule and incorporation of the big 3. However I'm 6 weeks out from competing in figure so the program has gotten a little rough being in a deficit and 15lbs down (clearly states on the program to jot eat like you're on a diet... oops). But this time around I'm really just using it as a schedule and I keep the big 3 reps and sets and do more hyper trophy for accessory things and tweak that a bit. If anyone has any recommendations on a program that keeps the powerlifting engaged but is better while cutting, let me know!

  • Every workout I do consists of supersets and drop sets. I've found success and solid gains with this method. In addition to that I do everything to failure, like if I can get a few extra reps then I'll always do it

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    I found Gvt ( German Volume Training ) good for packing mass and for strength. This basically is 10 sets / 10 reps . I found that with heavy weight it works better. I would use this when hitting chest,back,legs,or shoulders. I would do around 7 or more exercises for each body part. One factor is that it takes up a lot of your time.

  • I second PH3. Layne put together an incredible program that will grow your big 3 lifts... and your biceps. It is definitely not for novice trainees though (as he says many times) and will push even advanced level athletes to their limits. It utilizes the most advanced and optimal form of periodization that we know of, DUP. You'll spend most of your time on the platform, in the squat rack, and on the bench press; but every bodypart will receive enough volume for growth. THE BFR IS AMAZING

  • Just joined cory g's website and started using his get stacked workouts. Only on week 1 but im loving it so far

  • Jim Wendler's 5-3-1 is a awesome program and i highly recommend to anyone trying to increase the big 3 lifts.

  • I really love Candito's 6 week program. I made some solid gains using that program. It has a lot of volume too which I enjoyed.

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