Oh Yeah Maple Glazed Doughnut Protein Bar

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    [b][size=5][color=red] Oh Yeah Maple Glazed Doughnut Protein Bar [/b][/size][/color]


    [b][color=blue] Taste [/b] [/color]

    The bar tastes has a dense maple frosting. The donut flavoring is more pronounced in the bar itself. What does linger on your tastebuds are hints of cinnamon that give the maple flavor a unique touch. With how strong the maple is, and how well this replicated a mapled frosted Donut Oh Yeah really hit the nail on the head.

    If I had to include this on the list of top flavors off the OH yeah line: 1&2 Could be a tie, very hard as both were very good.

    1)/2 Birthday Cake

    1/2) Maple Glazed Donut

    1. Cinnamon Roll

    2. Almond Bliss

    3. Lemon Cake


    [b][color=blue] Texture [/b][/color]

    Oh yeah One bars are a good bar that can be eaten right out of the wrapper. If you do like to microwave bars this only needs a few seconds to melt in your mouth. ONE Bars are an ideal consistency that are not too soft (Mission 1 or Fitjoy like playdough), and not rock hard like some Quest bars can be.

    [b][color=blue] Macros [/b][/color]


    8g Fat

    24g Carbs

    9g Fiber

    20g Protein

    A very good balance of macros for a protein bar clocking in at 220 calories. The only downgrade I gave the OH Yeah One bars is the amount of sugar alcohols included. 10g is excessive and leaves a hurting on my digestive tract.

    For ~$22 on an online source it is a good buy for how good these are.
    Their main webpage is around $27 + 10$ shipping. Of course it will be marked up.


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