Fitjoy Birthday Cake Batter Protein bar Review

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    [b][size=5][color=red] Fitjoy Birthday Cake Batter Bar Review [/b][/size][/color]


    [b][color=blue] Taste [/b] [/color]

    Birthday Cake - The birthday cake flavor in this bar surprised me to be honest. It is not a typical "birthday cake" flavor that is just a glorified vanilla. You get little hints of sprinkles and cake batter in the aftertaste of every bite. The icing that is layered on top of the bar provides a vanilla frosting that is layered or topped on a real birthday cake. In essence this kind of resembled AI Sports Birthday Cake protein powder in a protein bar. I will be 100% honest that I am not a huge fan of most fitjoy bar flavors, but this one is an exception just like Pumpkin & Frosted Cinnamon Roll which are my favorites.


    [b][color=blue] Texture [/b][/color]

    The texture on fitjoy bars are extremly soft. Almost to the point it can resemble play dough. While some people may like very soft bars its almost to the point where it is too soft. I personally prefer a bar with a bit more texture (OH Yeah One, Grenade, Combat Crunch, Nitrotech Crunch), but not rock hard (Quest).


    [b][color=blue] Macros [/b][/color]


    Fitjoy has a good balance of macros clocking in right around 200 calories a bar. This is about average for most protein bars on the market. They are lower in sugar, so they do digest easy compared to those that are loaded with sugar alcohols or sweeteners.

    8g Fat
    22g Carbs
    10g Fiber
    3g Sugar
    20g Protein


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