Man Sports Sour Nukes Iso-Amino Review

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    Sour Nukes - Sour nukes is exactly as you would expect. Sour Nukes is a sour cherry flavored amino based product. This flavor is extremely close to that of Sour cherry war heads. If you ever had War Heads growing up you will basically think you are eating the candy in a beverage. Man Sports they do a very good job of replicating candy based flavors on the market. This is just another flavor on the line that works very well based off a candy based spin-off (dorks, sour batch, sweedish fish). If you have never had a MAN product they are well known for incredible flavoring. This is another one that strikes gold.


    Man Sports Iso-Amino is a very fine powder, therefore it mixes very easy. When the powder starts to touch on the water it will soon dissolve. Even with a few shakes in any shaker bottle they will start mixing with ease. If you use a blender ball this is dissolving instantly. Most amino based products settle easy, and this leaves no clumps in your shaker cup.



    MAN Sports is extremly basic as an amino based product.
    5g of BCAA's per serving is all you get.
    2.5g Leucine
    1.25g Valine
    1.25g Isoleucine

    [b][color=blue]Cost & Overall[/b][/color]

    I got this in a bundle for $36.99 for 2-30 Serving Tubs and a Free Man Sports Metal Shaker. For 60 Cents a serving that is a very good deal consdering the free shaker thrown in. The flavoring of MAN Sports is top of the line in the supplement industry if you ask me. Not only are their flavors on point, they are very bold, dense, and live right up to the name on the label. With MAN Sports Iso-Amino it is very cost effective, tastes delicious, and comes in a huge variety of flavors.


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