Underrated Proteins

  • What would you all consider the most under the radar protein??


    @Bam_Banner Pro Complex is legit

  • I think R1 Whey Blend is still pretty underrated/under the radar, but is fantastic!

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  • I agree with @ben-burkett since its by a top brand, tastes incredible, and has an amazing value. I also love 100% Bio-Active Whey because it has 30 servings (more than any other 2lbs) and has BIO-GRO in it!!! Bio-Gro makes all proteins better so right there its an incredible protein - what do you think?

  • REP

    I agree with @Mike-Yewdell on this one. 100% Bio-Active Whey has more grams of Protein per 2 lbs tub compared to any other brand.. and all three flavors taste delicious!

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  • Cellucor COr Performance
    PES Select
    COR-Performance Whey @Cellucor @PES #pesselect

    Other good brands that should get some recognition.
    @Scivation #ScivationWhey
    @QuestNutrition #quest

    Quest does not get a lot of love because their bars are so dominating , but their protein is just as good if not better.

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  • Im with @Mike-Yewdell as well. Just started taking bio-active whey and it is incredible. Rule 1 Whey blend is one of my favorites as well. Mixed instantly, tastes great, and produced by a company that you can trust.

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