Rule 1 Whey Blend Pumpkin Spice Review

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    [b][color=blue] Taste [/b][/color]

    Pumpkin Spice – When you read pumpkin spice, my first instinct is a flavor that will be heavy in cinnamon, nutmeg, clove, and ginger. Upon first sip or mixed in yogurt you get a stronger sense of the spices (as you would expect) with a minor pumpkin puree aftertaste. Rule 1 did a good job on living up to the name of the product where the pumpkin was the undertone of the flavor. While many would like the pumpkin to be stronger then the pumpkin spices that is not the case. For those who prefer a stronger cinnamon/nutmeg type pumpkin flavor this will suit you well. I personally love how the spices were strong and the pumpkin was present making it a well-rounded tasting product. I have only had a few Rule 1 Whey Blend flavors and they have been outstanding. The amount of Pumpkin spices and pumpkin flavor in this one make it a top tier flavor.


    [b][color=blue] Mixability [/b][/color]

    Rule 1 Whey Blend goes well into a shake with 6-8oz of liquid, or mixed as a protein pudding in 6oz of yogurt. I have mixed it both ways in the past and with this flavor and found it flawless. It does mix thicker then a regular ON Whey or generic whey proteins due to being a blend. The amount of cellulose and xanthan gum in the products ingredient profile provides a thicker blend then most on the market.


    [b][color=blue] Formula [/b][/color]


    While this is for the Vanilla Ice cream, the entire line is very identical in macros.
    2g of Fat, 4g of Carbs, and 24g of Protein. Made up of a blend of WPI, WPC, and WPH containing 3 protein types. For being a blend you would expect forms of MPI or Casein but that is not the case here. The Xanthan Gum and Cellulose gum give it a very thick addition when mixed up as a shake or made into protein pudding. Some people may be turned away from the corn syrup solids, but it is such a minimal amount it is nothing to be stressing over. A good formula not loaded with low grade Taurine, BCAA’s, or extra fillers.

    [b][color=blue] Cost [/b][/color]

    25$ for a 2lb Tub, plus it came with 10 servings free of another flavor (I got red velvet). In the end almost 2.5 pounds for 25$ comes out right at 10$ a pound which is very competitive on the market. Due to the cost of raw materials that is about what you pay with top brands across the board. If you are getting products for cheaper it is either one hell of a deal, a blowout sale, or a product that may not meet label claims. Overall this is very competitive with the protein powders in the supplement industry per serving and cost.


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