new alphamine formula

  • Has anyone had experience with the new alphamine formula? Ive had the previous formula and loved it but I am curious on thoughts about the new one when deciding to purchase it or not

  • It is advertised as an energy drink replacement. They did remove a lot of the fatloss/thermo ingredients contained in the previous version. So it is more based off just caffeine and energy, not so much fat burning or fatloss as the previous one was.

    (Lots has changed with the new version of Alphamine, and you may not even recognize it when doing a side by side comparison between the old and new labels. Gone are effective ingredients like olive leaf extract, higenamine, and PEScience’s popular SA-2 yohimbe extract.

    What we’re left with is flavored caffeine with some amino acids and a bit of focus)

    I personally enjoyed the previous version much better due to the ingredient profile.
    Same could be said with Norcodrene (before reformulated) and Amino IV (before reformulated)

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