Preworkout makes me break out!

  • I work the evening shift 4pm to midnight and after I get off work I go to the gym. It's the only time I can work out due to me having my daughter in the morning. At that time of the night everyone's usually dragging so some days I have to rely on preworkout to get me through my workout but I have a huge problem. Every preworkout I've tried has made me break out :( and I don't like mr hyde because I was up until 6 am no thanks. I've tried energize, animal rage, nitraflex, Hyde, and so on.

    I'm tired of wasting my money on a new preworkout only to have it break me out. Anyone else have this problem?

  • @edtrevino7 Are you getting red?
    Are you tingling?
    What is exactly happening?

    You need to look at the ingredient profiles for things that carry over from each product and can cuase you to breakout.

    For example: Niacin can make people flush and break out
    Beta-Alanine can make people have tingles and breakout

    All 3 products you listed above contain BA which could be the issue
    Hyde has Yohimbine which gives people jitters and does breakout. So you need to do your research and see what ingredients have what side effects.

    I would try eating closer to your pre-workout dose which could prevent the breakout.

  • Agreed with @TheSolution You have to look at those pre-workouts that you are breaking out from. Also, if you want a a less intensive pre-workout you have too look at the ingredients and caffeine content. I know Mr.Hyde has a lot of caffeine. I liked Mr. Hyde Cutz for some reason it seemed less intense. It also depends on the time of day you have your pre and if you have food in your system and so on. I would do a little evaluation of the products and jot down how you felt and what you ate before you had the pre just to try to find the prob. Best of luck!

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