Dymatize Elite Vanilla Cupcake Protein Bar Review

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    [b][size=5][color=green] Dymatize Elite Vanilla Cupcake Protein Bar Review [/b][/size][/color]


    [b][color=blue] Taste [/b][/color]

    Vanilla Cupcake – Vanilla Cupcake would remind me of a very sweet birthday spinoff. Unfortunately this bar was nothing close to that. The vanilla glaze on the outside shell is a basic vanilla. The Vanilla reminded me of a middle of the road vanilla whey protein mixed in milk and then glazed on top of a basic protein bar. The funfetti pieces in the middle did offer a slight touch to the bar, but not enough to be worth 270 kcals. If you ask me, this one is a pass. Its not bad per say, but it is nothing that lives up to its name of a vanilla cupcake. Much better bars out there that can resemble a birthday cake or cupcake (Oh Yeah & NitroTech Crunch) come to mind.


    [b][color=blue] Texture [/b][/color]

    The Dymatize Elite Protein bars have a very similar texture to quest and fitjoy. They are pretty soft and offer a good cake like consistency. They are very easy to bite into, and won't break your teeth. They are very easy to eat right out of the wrapper and have visible mix-ins spread throughout the bar (depending on the flavor you get). The coating on the bars is rich and offers a great taste.


    [b][color=blue] Formula [/b][/color]


    These bars range a bit higher on macros then most protein bars.

    They can range from 7-9g of fat, 23-25g of carbs and 25-28g of protein

    (This Flavor is 7g Fat, 25g Csrbs, 28g Protein) = 270 Calories

    The Peanut Butter will be higher in fat, and the other flavors will drop a touch.

    The Dymatize bars offers WPH, WPI, WPC, and Casein for their protein ingredient profile.

    Besides that these are a very clean protein bar ingredient profile wise. Nothing that would make someone run due to high sugar alcohols or anything like that.

    [b][color=blue] Cost[/b][/color]

    The Price range is around 27-30$ a box. While these are still making their way into retailers it is hard to say the final cost given promotions and discounts of a new item. Overall this is very straight forward and standard across the protein bar market. So yes these are cost effective and competitive to the other big brands out there such as Quest, Oh Yeah, Grenade, Combat Crunch etc.


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