Favorite "meal" or snack before bed?

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    Title says it all. I like to eat something before bed, usually a protein shake or greek yogurt but I'm looking for new ideas. What are you all's go-to snacks or meals?

  • I do a lot of stirfrys:

    Chicken/Turkey + Broccoli/Asparagus/Green Beans + Fat free cheese
    Depends on my carbs for the day I may throw in jasmine rice or potatoes to it

    Greek Yogurt + Whey + Rice Cakes (Frost the rice cakes)

    8oz Steak + Sweet potato with peanut butter + Veggies on side
    Steak Salad with candied pecans , strawberries & Blueberries

    Also one of my favorites is usually a huge bowl of cereal covered in a protein shake or protein pancakes.

    I vary it up often.

  • @pmerkel Casein "sludge"

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