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    What supplements would you recommend for bulking on a budget (trying to keep it around $100)?

  • Prob bio grow and some mass gainers. Creatine as well.

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    @hcrenshaw23 any certain mass gainers or creatine you would recommend?


    @Taran-Lawrence-Rodriguez the new Cor Performance Gainer comes with #cor-performance-creatine free right now

  • I like Arnold iron mass or serious mass by optimum. Lots of carbs, healthy fats and high protein. Smooth to drink as well. I like optimums micronized creatine. Unflavored is good to mix with pre's

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    When balling on a budget for mass gainers, I suggest Super Mass Gainer. If you get the 12 pound and take just one scoop, that is still 520 calories. Plus its about 45 dollars for 40 servings if you do one scoop

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    @Taran-Lawrence-Rodriguez My fave creatine right now is Creactor which is a creatine HCl. Saw huge improvements in strength (and size) when taking this.

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    @Taran-Lawrence-Rodriguez I recommend the Command You to Gro Stack. A quality Mass Gainer by Cellucor along with isatori's Bio-Gro and CT's killer pre workout to ensure you're getting the most out of your workouts.

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  • Multi
    Creatine (5g for 30 days, 3-5g on workout days)
    Whey (To help meet protein needs)

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    Bio-grow is amazing!

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