Do they count?

  • To all the calorie and macro counts out there: Do you count your pre-workout supps in your daily tracking? If the pre has calories and some carb do you count it towards your daily calories? Also, the same for other supps like recovery supps glutamine and others that may have calories ,carbs, sugars but not a ton. I have been counting them but was just curious to others thought about it. :)

  • Calories are calories
    If your pre has 5g of carbs, then yes count it.
    Just like saying hey this piece of bread has 15g of carbs. you would count it. It adds up and is calories.

    I always count my BCAA's and other sources because in the end they add up. Not everyone takes the same amount of BCAA's, Creatine, Glutamine etc daily, so that could be a variable at the end of the week that can cause a difference.

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