Creatine, Type, When, How Much, What Brand?

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    Curious to see what my fellow reps and other fitness enthusiasts take when it comes to different brands and types of creatine.
    What type of creatine do you prefer?
    What brand is the best out there in your opinion?
    When do you take it and how many grams?

    B.S. in Exercise Science

  • Monohydrate. The most proven and studied and effective creatine on the market.
    3-5g on workout days after 5g for 30 days
    No need to load or cycle creatine.
    Primaforce, Allmax, Universal are all good brands.

    5g for 30 days, then 3-5g on workout days. NO need to load or cycle your creatine:

    Total body creatine pool turnover is ~2 grams per day. So, if you've neared saturation from use of creatine over an extended period of time, then you are not going to retain more than ~2 grams no matter what. ~3 grams (+/- a little dpending upon LBM) is really all that's needed. As you can see from the Cr group below, most of the 10 grams of creatine taken at once goes down the toilet.

    For those that say holding water while taking creatine its a far stretch. Creatine is stored intra-cellular and under the skin and inside the cell. This helps draw water into the cells to help with ATP Production. Not extracellular.

    When your overall calorie and carbohydrate intake reaches excessive levels, you will likely experience a noticeable increase in subcutaneous water retention. This will cause you to appear flatter and softer looking.

    Those on a high calorie diet who are not accurately tracking their macronutrient intake may mistakenly think that it’s the creatine that is causing the bloating, when in fact it’s a simple issue of their excessive food intake. or they are intaking far too much sodium.

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