Boosting Metabolism

  • What are ways that you try to boost metabolism? Are there certain supplements you use to promote an increased metabolism? I'm interested in everyone's opinions!

  • To boost your metabolism the best way is to do so by a small caloric surplus. There will be very minimal you can do with supplements to increase your metabolism.

    when one diets, and they restrict calories this is when your metabolism will slow, t3, leptin and hormone levels will all drop. This is why you see people are able to eat more then leaner they are.

    They will have more muscle mass, they will have a higher metabolism, and more lean body mass to utilize the nutrients, calories, and macronutrients they put in their bodies.

    For those who are obese they cannot metabolise as much and they are not good at utilzing calories because they are more proned to be stored as fat.

    The best way it to add calories slow and steady and build up your metabolism. Metabolism is based on genetics, some girls can eat 3000 calories a day and not gain a pound. I know some 200 pound guys who cannot eat more then 200 calories and get fat.

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