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  • Hey so I am considering taking C4 Ripped or PES Alphamine. I have used ripped before and liked the results but Alphamine looks like a much better deal as for price per serving so I was wondering if anyone has used either or both and what their thoughts are on them as a thermogenic. Thanks!

  • Hi! I've used PEScience alphamine and it works really well for me! It will last you awhile too. I usually take in 1-2 scoops before my workout and within 20 minutes or so I can feel it kicking in and my body is stubborn when it comes to caffeine. I'd definitely recommend PEScience.

  • PES Alphamine has been reformulated as an energy drink replacement, between both c4 ripped has more fatloss ingredients and Is an actual thermo. Alphamine is now basically an energy drink in a powder form which is cost effective. If you are looking for a thermo Super HD may be a better option between all of them. C4 Ripped with some fatloss ingreidents would have the edge over alphamine.

  • Thanks guys! Ill take a look into c4 or super hd. I want something that will last a little too.

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