Reverse dieting thoughts?

  • I am currently reverse dieting or simply building myself back up to maintenance calories. I am having a hard time getting more carbs in. I don't eat grains or legumes. Most of my carbs are from veggies and some fruit. I'm not full paleo because I have some diary in my diet- non fat Greek yogurt and whey/casein protein shakes.
    What are your thoughts and opinions on reverse diets? What are good carb sources that are clean. I'm doing more of a lean bulk. I don't really like dirty calories/carbs either.


    A must.... jack your kcals way up real fast and see a lot of fat gain. You have to repair your metabolism after a long dieting phase.

    "someone reverse dieting might take weeks and weeks to get back to maintenance, taking away time they could of been bulking (assuming a standard cutting/bulking protocol). my recommendations are easier, and waste a hell of a lot less time. for someone who is VERY concerned about fat gain, after a cut go back to 90% of what maintenance should be. stay there for a week, then add in some calories to get to true maintenance. another week at that and they can start adding in calories slowly until they are at the muscle/fat gain ratio they desire. but even all that is unnecessary for most people. most people will be completely fine going straight to maintenance for 2 weeks, and then going to a surplus."

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