Tiffin University

  • Hey guys I'm one of Tiffin University's Campus Protein reps. I believe @Taran-Lawrence-Rodriguez and Ric Roe are the other Tiffin Reps.

  • Social Media:
    Sc: jaredcott
    Insta: jaredcott
    Fb: Jared Cottrill

  • REP

    Hi guys I am Taran Rodriguez and I am also a rep at Tiffin University. To contact me with any questions about supplements or workouts you can reach me on my social medias:
    Twitter: TaranTheTarzan
    Instagram: TaranTheTarzan
    Snapchat: TaranTarzan

    Feel free to contact me whenever you have a question and I will reply back to you as soon as I can

  • REP

    Waddddup y'all! I'm the only official one and only rep from Orlando Fl (if I have that right?) hahaha :D representing #TeamcpSouth! My names Mike feel free to hit me up anytime or on Instagram @nomercymike

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