• Has anyone tried it out?? Curious to see how well the results work & what workout plans used while using the stack. Quick replies would be greatly appreciated! Got to get some info on it from some people who've tried it out asap! Thanks ahead of time!

  • A stack will not work on its on.
    Dietary issues have to be addressed first (Caloric Surplus or deficit)
    Workout Plan should be based on the individual goal.. Powerlifting, bodybuilding, general gym goer.

    The key factor here is consistency. Remember a supplement is that it Supplements your diet and training routine. If neither are in check the supps will not do much. I can take fat burners but eat in a caloric surplus, but that wont merit the products will work well.
    Any supp stack will work if your diet and training are in line.

    It comes down to your goals, how good you are with your dietary and training needs and how dedicated you are. If you are then yes the stack will assist, if not.. then not so much.

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