Drug Screenings?

  • Alright, I'm in the process of joining the military and I have MEPs coming up in a few months.
    I just want to make sure nothing I take will effect my entrance.
    I'm currently using gains & gains jr stack, fuel, c4 x50, super HD, prosupps i focus.
    If any of y'all have any idea to my concern, let me know asap so i can go ahead & get off of whatever it is.
    Thanks ahead of time!

    (Also, any military guys or gals out there, thanks for your service! Comment your branch to see what we got out here.)

  • Best thing is to ask the military. Just like if someone was competing in a federation they did not know if they would get tested for. Ask the head promoter or judge. Better safe then sorry!

  • Did so, thanks a lot bro!

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