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    So I have heard with weight loss and lifting, taking a test booster is helpful for a boost, but I have also heard that you should not take test boosters if you have any physical contact with women... Is their truth to this?

  • There are plenty of supplements that can help boost yourself during a weightloss phase.
    Keeping your diet higher in dietary fats will help with hormones and testosterone levels
    You can use a test booster if you are in contact with women or not, that is up to you if you want to invest in one. If your goal is losing weight I would focus on the essentials first (mutli, fish oil, creatine, and whey) then look into Forskolin 95 and Yohimbine as great fatloss agents for your dieting phase. You could even look into bulk DAA to help with test boosting during your fatloss phase. Plenty of options out there for you to look at. Just make sure your eating adequate fats which are essential for your body and hormone system.

    Lets not forget forms of Zinc and magnesium (which we find in our dietary foods) can have minimal impact on boosting testosterone levels (ZMA Products). People use and eat these things on a daily basis and have no problems with women.

    The only problem encountering women may be a very low fat intake over a long period of time. This will take its toll on your hormones and testosterone levels which could have them fall below normal range, and make am impact on libido

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    @TheSolution The fat loss is going well, ive lost a little over 40 pounds in a year, and I already have the test booster, my main question was about using a test booster when having frequent contact with a female. I was told it affects them if you touch them.

  • @Nicholas-Ruble Whoever told you that is full of it lol. Do you realize how many bodybuilders who compete take drugs that are far worse then test boosters and engage with women? Think about how many pro shows you have seen or heard of (Arnold, Olympia etc) those guys are taking test boosters to the next generation and contacting women. It won't affect them.

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    @TheSolution Okay haha just wanted to make sure. I had heard it before but I thought it sounded like one of those fitness/supp myths we all hear about, but I had to ask. Thanks for the info haha!

  • I believe the "contact" issue is regarding the use of Testosterone cream. They don't want women in contact with the cream on your body

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