• I got my first two bottles of Lipo-Drex. After I read the label it says do not consume any other forms of caffeine, do you guys still take pre-workout when your on it? Also I weigh around 130-135lb would it be bad to take two a day? I know it says over 150lb.


  • @kmclark1 Do not take a PRE WORKOUT with it. I would personally use one serving as your pre-workout and the other upon waking so for example

    Wake up 1 lipo, and then 6-8 hours later preworkout (1 lipo)
    or vice versa

  • @TheSolution Can i do one Lipo upon waking up (6:30 a.m.) and then take a pre workout (3:30 p.m.)?

  • Yup ^^. But you may not get the full benefits and ingredient dosings of only half dosing the product. That is the only downfall to only using 1 cap. instead of running it at full dose. Remember each cap is 200mg caffeine, that is more than some pre-workouts on the market.

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