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  • Have you guys tried Optimum Nutrition's Protein Water? I did at the Arnold and I fell in love. I can't find it on their website so I'm guessing it's not for sale yet, but when it becomes available I vote CP stocks it! 😍


    @Jessie-Morrow Have you tried #essential-amin-o-energy RTD by Optimum?

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    I have tried the optimum nutrition protein water and I agree, it is fantastic. Unfortunately, I cannot find it anywhere either. I would recommend Essential AmiN.O. Energy or ISO-Amino until we can get our hands on some protein water. If you are considering getting Iso-Amino I recommend the sweet delish flavor. It taste just like sweetish fish and is relatively cheap. I put a few scoops in my gallon jug and drink it throughout the day.

    ISO-Amino by MAN

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