Thermogenic or Clean supplement for small cut?

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    Hey CP Community! This past year I have been working on adding a lot of lean mass. In November of 2015 (before I joined CP) I was at my lowest weight of around 120 pounds. Not good. Since, I have added 37 pounds on a slow and lean bulk. I am very happy with the strength and weight gain. Of course, with all weight gain comes some fat. Now that it is summer, I just want to do a small cut of 5 pounds or so to really show my progress. I am looking for a supplement that is clean and not so extreme. I dont want anything with a lot caffeine as I try to avoid that as much as possible. I was thinking of Amino Energy because it uses natural caffeine sources and would give me the metabolism boost that I am looking for. Any other suggestions? Thanks!

  • 50-100 mg forskolin 95 split into two doses
    .02mg/kg of Yohimbine. Work up to that dose over the course of taking it. Take it fasted upon waking with caffeine to help enhance the effects of stubborn fat

    the two best bang for your buck fatloss products.

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    Thanks! Will give it a try!

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    @TheSolution If you had to chose one of the two, which is more effective?

  • @pmerkel For the cost use both. Honestly they are DIRT Cheap compared to other powders and fatburner pills you can buy

    If one.. Yohimbine.

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    @TheSolution I went with Yohimbine for now. All the studies that I have read show that this stuff is the real deal.

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