Intermittent Fasting

  • Has anyone done this and seen success?

    Can you have BCAA while in a fasted state?


    @Mike-Yewdell I believe you can

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    @myewdell According to what I have seen from some popular IF individuals, they recommend BCAAs during and after

  • I have never tried it but it sounds like something worth looking into!

  • I am doing something similar to this, its Cory Gregory's anabolic fasting.

    You CAN have BCAA's during the fasted state, about 10g worth.
    What I am doing has worked and I have seen many differences in my body, my bf % has decreased while my strength has increased.

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    @ssmitty2015 what exactly does he state about anabolic fasting if you don't mind me asking?

  • I actually did for awhile. I saw great results but for a while I was weak , as my body was getting adjusted to the change. After the adjustment period, I loved it! Strength came full circle, the cut was dope. I didn't do BCAA's (I just didn't use them at that time) but I believe it's fine. I just took fish oil and a multivitamin and guzzled water all day.

  • I did Intermittent Fasting with BCAAs this summer and saw great results. Best usage is half scoop in the morning. Another half scoop before workout, then full scoop intra-workout. That's based off of my results but it can be whatever works.

  • @ssmitty2015 how intense is Cory's anabolic fasting?! I definitely want to try it out! #leanforsummer

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    Anybody try Anabolic-Fasting?


    @Kody-A-Richardson just started this week, so far so good.

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    @CampusProtein I'm about to start!

  • I have been doing this on my recent cut and it has worked great for me. BCAA's and pre workout were my best friend working out fasted, they gave me just enough energy to kill a workout.

  • While Intermittent fasting (IF) isn't going to necessarily improve your fat loss, it can help you stay within your calorie deficit when on low calories. So long as the 24 hour nutrition is the same though, a regular meal timing schedule will provide the same results, possibly being more optimal even.

    If you find yourself constantly going over your macronutrient and calorie goals for the day, having that 6-8 hour eating window can definitely help you. That's about the only scenario where IF would prove to be superior to a normal nutrient timing routine.

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    I'm Anabolic Fasting right now, which is very similar and has been talked about here a few times. @lindsh It is A LOT easier than you would think. Cory lays out the plan and his reasoning very well and explains why it is easy, and when you try it, you will see for yourself. It's meant to be a successful diet program for a "normal person." You will be able to be social and eat out while losing weight. Of course you have to follow protocol but that part is easy, and as Cory says, "It's not a diet, it's a lifestyle." I would highly suggest giving it a shot!

    @Mike-Yewdell BCAAs are recommended when fasting to stop any possible catabolism. Some BCAA products have a relatively high kcal count for additive ingredients; therefore, these products may not be the best during the actual fasted period. Instead, I would suggest something like ISO-Amino because it is delicious, effective, and 0 kcals/serv.

    ISO-Amino by MAN

    See other Aminos

  • Here you go Mike:

    All your answers.

  • Typically when/how long is the anabolic window for most of you guys?

  • Absolutely!-- I think there are a ton of varying opinions that exist with Intermittent Fasting. With many components in nutrition, individual results will vary. I really like fasting and getting in some cardio in the morning. The biggest thing I like about it is, I 'feel' light. After I have eaten, personally, I get sluggish during cardio. So it's a natural combination for me. I slam some BCAA's, a lot of water, and usually a cup of coffee in the morning and I have no problem getting through the day until I break my fast. I'm also the kind of person who does not like to eat a ton of meals throughout the day, and would rather have that window of time for eating. Also I have found that i tend to just eat less overall while fasting, without even thinking about it. That's a huge plus for me as I cut, because it cuts down on my temptation to binge. I get what I need, when I need it. That's a really long ramble to basically say-- Yes, I think intermittent fasting while taking a BCAA can yield success. It has for me physically, and even mentally. I would recommend giving it a try and see what if it works for you!

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