Vaca workouts?

  • What are you best workouts for when traveling?

    Especially being very limited with NO GYM!

    beach, stairs, and some resistance bands.
    I get tired of running the beach after the first couple of days.

  • Push-Ups
    Jump Squats
    HIIT Sprints outside
    HIIT Sprints up a hill
    Find a track and do 110 yard dashes
    Pack Resistance bands and very light dumbbells these should help you stay in shape and do the basics.

  • Definitely love doing HIIT on vacation. Just some quick killer rounds- I usually just google something haha and try something new every day.
    jump squats to get the booty pump too!
    Also- enjoy vacation girl, if you have to take a week off, just do it and enjoy. Your muscles will enjoy the break too and you can hit it that much harder when you get back.

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