Killer Bicep Workout & GO!

  • I want something different for when I hit the gym tonight. It's bicep time so let's hear your favorite workout, rep range and everything!

  • REP

    28 guns. 7 full range, 7 bottom 1/2, 7 top 1/2, 7 slow full range

    I lift stuff

  • @jmt_fit have you tried zercher curls?

  • Weighted Pull-ups
    Any rowing movement (bicep carry over)
    EZ Bar Cable Curls supersetted with Cable Hammer curls

    Team ScoobyPrep
    Scivation/Primaforce Online Represenative

  • @hestomon I have not! I'll look them up! Thanks @astrahle & @TheSolution I'll incorporate those too! 😎

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